Metro Manila is one of the fastest urbanizing areas in Asia reaching a population of 13,484,462 in 2020. Increasing urbanization of Metro Manila will see a population increase of 17% by 2030 – an additional 2.2 million people.

In Metro Manila over 3 million people live in inadequate housing without access to infrastructure and sanitation at risk from climate disaster.

Over 25% of the urban poor live without in-home electricity, and one third lack a toilet with septic tank.

35% of Manila’s informal settlements are located in areas at risk of climate disaster.

We want to transform Manila’s informal settlements into sustainable and climate resilient communities through: In-situ settlement upgrading; incremental construction process; Shared infrastructure; Access to sanitation and sewage systems; Civic and community spaces; Community engagement from planning to implementation

PHL 101

In-Situ Prototype

2023, Sterling, Philippines